The Wedding Party

Gerard Baksys, Justice of the Peace (for a day)
Robin and Gerry met in college where they both lived in the German House. They hit it off right away because they both liked ice cream, South Park and Nintendo video games. After graduating from BU Gerry went to grad school at Northwestern which eventually brought him to DC for an internship. Needing a place to stay, Robin put him up with Jason while she studied abroad in Spain. It was a 600 square foot studio with 2 grown men (who had met maybe once before) living in it. Needless to say Jason saw what I saw in Gerry and they became friends as well. In 2006 Gerry married the love of his life, Heather, and Robin had the honor of being the groom's best man. Robin and Jason wanted Gerry to play a special role in their big day as well and after learning about a Mass law where a person can be a JP for a day, they knew that was the role for Gerry and were honored when he agreed to marry them.

John & Marilyn Castoldi
John and Marilyn are Robin's parents. They married in 1974 and lived in Waltham for 2 years (that's right, the city where the wedding is being held!) then moved to Framingham where they've been ever since. John is a contractor and Marilyn is an assistant teacher at a local elementary school. Marilyn will probably out-dance you at the wedding especially if the DJ is allowed to play Soulja Boy. John may talk sports with you. If you happen to be a fan of a non-Boston team, just keep it to yourself, ok? Let's not ruin a good time.

Amy Rowe, Maid of Honor
Amy is Robin's older sister. She lives in Marlborough, MA with her husband, Jamie and her two kids, Shamus and Libby (see below) and two dogs, Conan and Mercy. She has been instrumental to the planning of the wedding. Apparently Robin didn't know attire, flowers and decor should coordinate. Thankfully, Amy did. Like Marilyn, she will also likely be found on the dance floor over heard yelling "Top that!" to anyone who dares dance near her.

Julie Barton, Bridesmaid
Julie is Robin's oldest friend. They grew up next door to each other in Framingham and even after Julie moved when she was 5 (at one point out of the country) they still remained friends. With Robin being a year older, Julie was the cool kid in high school because she had a friend who could drive. And drive straight to Friendly's they did. Julie moved to Cali in high school but luckily they were in the same time zone once again for a little while in college with Robin at BU and Julie at BC. Now Julie is in London getting her PhD in awesomeness (or something to that effect).

Megan Jones, Bridesmaid
Robin and Megan met in college where they both lived in the German House. Robin's fondest memory of Megan is when Megan made Robin a delicious monkey cake for her birthday. Robin loves both cake and monkeys so it was a birthday she will never forget. Megan has followed her dream and just moved to Germany to live, work and learn the language. She will be travelling back to the states for the wedding and maybe she'll bring us all some Kartoffelsalat or Wiener Schnitzel.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Bridesmaid
Elizabeth is Jason's younger sister. When Robin met her she was 11. Now Elizabeth is off at the University of Buffalo studying nursing. Crazy! Robin and Bits have a long history of playing Nintendo video games, eating cupcakes and making fun of Jay. Elizabeth enjoys snowboarding and makes a darn good chocolate cream pie. She's not 21 yet but she may ask you to sneak her a Malibu bay breeze. Supply at your own discretion.

Alfonso & Margaret Rodriguez
Margret and Alfonso (or Al & Peg, as they are commonly called), married in 1976 and set-up shop in an old brownstone in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Margret works for the police department and Al went into printing after the navy. They both deserve to be able to relax and have some fun at this wedding so, if you see them, bring them a drink (my dad's a beer guy, my mom likes her Bailey's) and invite them onto the dance floor.

Gennaro Monaco, Best Man
Jason and Gennaro have been friends since pre-kindergarten. They went to elementary school, junior high school, and high school together. They also both went to college in Massachusetts. Gennaro was kind-of, sort-of Jason's first "play date" (see Ciro Monaco). Jason once threw a hardball at Gennaro's most intimate area, full-speed and point-blank. That's the kind of friends they are. Gennaro lives in Brooklyn and he's a Mets fan even though he claims to be a Yankee fan. It's in his blood and he can't deny it.

Andy Castoldi, Groomsman
Andy is Robin's brother. He once drove Jason around in a Bentley and bought him Crab Cakes Benedict. He also bought Jason beer several times. These things makes Andy a good guy. Andy once passed out after eating mashed potatoes that were too hot for his apparently extremely fragile mouth. If Jason had a time machine he wouldn't use to kill Hitler as a baby or stop the JFK assassination - he'd use it to go back to that moment just so he can actually witness Andy's eyes flipping to the back of his head as he drops to the floor, mashed potato spewing everywhere. It would be a glorious memory.

Marcelo Illarmo, Groomsman
Marcelo was Jason's friend, writing partner, and occasional muse in college. They met in improv, making them the coolest people you've ever met. In college they produced movies and musicals together. After college they ran satirical webmags together. Than Marcelo had this heart thing happen, wrote a fantastic one-man play about it, and Jason said, "Screw that, I'm just gonna make comic books." They have not worked together since. Marcelo lives in Boston where he's some fancy-pants lawyer.

Ciro Monaco, Groomsman
Ciro is Gennaro's brother, making Ciro and Jason friends since pre-kindergarten, as well. When Jason went over Gennaro's house for his first "play date" Jason ended up playing mainly with Ciro. When Jason's mom came to pick him up, he hid in the closet with Ciro. Jason was later punished for not listening. Ciro leaves in Virginia with his wife, Janet, were he's currently getting his nursing degree. Most of us call him "Cheeto" although none of us can tell you why.

Shamus Rowe, Ring Bearer
Shay is Jason and Robin's godson. He is 2 years old and his favorite pastimes include playing with trucks, watching Bob the Builder, and writing and performing his own songs.

Libby Rowe, Flower Girl
Libby is Jason and Robin's niece. She was born on September 23, 2008. Her favorite pastimes include spitting up, laughing and looking like a monkey.