Our Story

Jason and Robin started dating in June of 1999. It was Jason’s senior year at Boston University
At BU, Robin and Jason got an education in love.
and Robin’s junior year. They met through a mutual friend and had many wonderful late-night, profound conversations.
Robin and Jason: Brought to you by beer.
But at the beginning Jason was a bit of a wuss. He never “made a move” despite all of Robin’s fairly obvious hints. Robin was persistent, however, and tried every trick in the book to get Jason to man-up and ask her out on a real date. She finally prevailed one night after showing up to Jason’s place with a six-pack of beer.

Their first real date was ice cream at Maggie Moos on Newbury Street. Their second date was to see Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Jason realized he loved Robin after seeing her playing Sonic the Hedgehog while wearing pajamas and eating Fruity Pebbles. Robin realized she loved
Everyone's doing it.
Jason after he made her a pretty sweet mix tape (We know it’s a cliché).

In May of 2000,
Jason and Robin upon moving to DC.
Jason was offered a job in DC. He asked Robin to live with him for the summer. She agreed and they were off to the land of politicians and lawyers. They landed in DC with nothing to their name but the $2000 relocation check Jason's company gave him (and even that still had to clear). They lived in a nice hotel for two weeks, ran out of credit, and then moved to a disgusting by-the-hour style hotel for another week before moving into a studio apartment in Northwest DC.

At the end of the summer Robin went back to Boston to finish up school. They did the long distance thing for a year. Robin spent a summer term in Madrid, finishing up her minor in Spanish. Jason left the country for the first time to spend a week with her. After the nice and relaxing week in Spain, Robin moved back to DC with Jason. He picked out a new one bedroom apartment in Southeast DC.
Jason never really understood where the roaches came from.
The place had a balcony that overlooked the ghetto and was inhabited by mice and roaches. Robin took one look at the place and said, "Oh no. This won't do."

They moved to Arlington, Virginia five months later. They spent a year in a one-bedroom apartment in a quiet Arlington neighborhood before upgrading to a two-bedroom apartment in the same building. This move wasn’t because they desired kids, but because they desired an office. They lived in that two bedroom for two years before
This picture is cuter than most kids anyway.
moving to a nice place in the Courthouse area that has a large courtyard, access to the metro, and plenty of restaurants and bars within walking distance. They've lived there ever since along with their four cats (Kitty, Frisky, Rogue, and Ashes), two dogs (Becky and Lucy), and a Quaker Parrot that drives them crazy.

Robin and Jason got engaged March 6th, 2007 in Venice. Jason proposed at a restaurant off the beaten path called Trattoria ala Madonna.
You know this guy knows where the good food is.
It was where all of the gondoliers ate after their shift. The ring was in a Faberge egg-shaped box that Robin originally mistook for a sugar container. Despite the fact that they had been together for eight years and despite the fact that they were in the most romantic city in the universe, Robin was still somehow surprised. After the proposal they sat at an outdoor café at the base of the Rialto Bridge, drank a lot of wine, and called their families to tell them the news.

By the time this wedding comes along Robin and Jason will have been together for ten years. They’ve always known that they were going to spend the rest of their lives
Their wedding won't be like this. Hopefully.
together but after a while they really felt like they deserved a party. So they’ll be walking down the aisle on June 6th. The date was not chosen because it’s D-Day, but because it was the first weekend in June and the closest weekend to our 10-year mark. That doesn’t mean we have anything against D-Day, we both had Grandfathers that fought in World War II. Plus, D-Day represents the turning point of the war and one of the largest amphibious assaults this world has ever seen…

…Ok, Jason admits that having the wedding on D-Day is pretty cool. Robin pleads the fifth.