Saturday, February 28, 2009


And our first wedding present comes from...!? I'm at the office today, bummed that I'm chained to the desk on a Saturday, and Robin sends me pictures of the flowers we got from In case you haven't been keeping up, Zappos went out of their way to find some shoes for Robin that she plans on wearing at the wedding. And now they're sending us flowers to wish us luck in our new life together.

I'd like to make an official decree - no-one is allowed to speak ill of Zappos in my presence again.

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Friday, February 20, 2009


In Praise of Zappos (and Twitter)

Robin's been stressing out a whole lot over the wedding and I keep offering to help and she keeps telling me I'd only make things worse (well, in a nice way). So I just keep blogging and working on paper and print stuff and let her do all of the important things. Today I get an email...

Subject: If you want to help with the wedding and are up for a challenge...

Text: I am trying to find a place to buy these shoes:

I found them on this website.

I emailed the woman (linked to her own website) and asked where she got them. She tells me Zappos. Well, they’re not on Zappos anymore. So I politely email her back and ask for the brand. No response. Now what? I’ve done some searches but no luck. I asked my sister – her shoe department can’t ID them. Think you can track them down?

Robin wants to wear these shoes when she walks the aisle so, you know, pretty important. I respond:

I will find them!

I used Twitter to see if any friends could help me track down these shoes. The always magnanimous Saul Colt offers to help. I know he has some contacts at Zappos and I get him on the case. Krissy, girlfriend of Chris Piers, one of the artists working on our wedding comic, offers to help. She searches high and low. And I tweet Zappos_Service to see if they know anything about the shoes.

All three leads seem to run dry.

Then out of nowhere I get two emails! One informing me that the cookware we had on our registry has been discontinued (frown!) and one informing me that Zappos_Service, this wonderful human being, has found the shoes on (cheer!).

Like a warrior back from the hunt, dragging woolly mammoth flesh behind me, I called Robin and said, "Zappos found your shoes." They were on sale, too - 63% off.

She's off the wall right now, to say the least.

And I can say I helped her plan the wedding. And this was all done over Twitter, 140-characters at a time. It's a good day, my friends. A good day.

PS: Shop Zappos!

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