Thursday, January 29, 2009


Welcome to the Awesome Wedding Blog!

Hello everybody - glad you could stop by. If you're reading this, it means you received your Save The Date card and "Welcome to Boston" brochure and you're actually interested enough in attending our wedding that you not only stopped by the website but even decided to check out the blog. We don't have anything on this blog yet except for this "Welcome to the Awesome Wedding Blog" message but we plan on rectifying that in the weeks and months to come.

So what will you find here? Updates, most importantly. Anything and everything June 6th, 2009 related will be at least posted on this blog. Major things will be posted on the main site, as well. You're also going to find little stories and anecdotes about wedding planning, life in the Castoldi/Rodriguez world, and whatever else we want to talk about.

And I say "we" because Robin's going to update this blog, too. She's finally going to get over her fear of blogging. I sent her an invite. She hasn't accepted yet but she will. I even told her, "Look, Robin, there's nothing wrong with blogging. Trust me, I have ten of them." Feel free to encourage Robin to post every once-and-a-while in the comments section.

Anyway, let me end this somewhat boring introduction post with a couple of exclusive, behind-the-scene photos of Robin and I preparing the Save the Date packages. Seriously - have you ever seen anything more exciting?

ZOMG! Exclusives!

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