Monday, June 15, 2009


Jason & Robin's Tales of Romance

One of the most talked-about things from our wedding was our favor, a comic book Robin and I cowrote. The book features two stories, "The Record Player" written by me and illustrated by Noel Tuazon and the "The TV" written by Robin and illustrated by Chris Piers. The book also sports a cover from Scott White (which, you may remember, is a righteous Bill Sienkiewicz homage).

The comic book is something we wanted to do from the start and it was a lot of fun putting it together. We printed it through ComixPress, in case anyone is interested in the particulars, and they were fantastic to work with. They even supplied a color-correct cover for the back instead of the full-page ComixPress ad.

We still have some copies left over. If anyone wants a copy let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Great stuff! Both stories are excellent. And, Congratulations!
That's awesome. I love this comic. And congratulations!
That's amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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