Friday, February 20, 2009


In Praise of Zappos (and Twitter)

Robin's been stressing out a whole lot over the wedding and I keep offering to help and she keeps telling me I'd only make things worse (well, in a nice way). So I just keep blogging and working on paper and print stuff and let her do all of the important things. Today I get an email...

Subject: If you want to help with the wedding and are up for a challenge...

Text: I am trying to find a place to buy these shoes:

I found them on this website.

I emailed the woman (linked to her own website) and asked where she got them. She tells me Zappos. Well, they’re not on Zappos anymore. So I politely email her back and ask for the brand. No response. Now what? I’ve done some searches but no luck. I asked my sister – her shoe department can’t ID them. Think you can track them down?

Robin wants to wear these shoes when she walks the aisle so, you know, pretty important. I respond:

I will find them!

I used Twitter to see if any friends could help me track down these shoes. The always magnanimous Saul Colt offers to help. I know he has some contacts at Zappos and I get him on the case. Krissy, girlfriend of Chris Piers, one of the artists working on our wedding comic, offers to help. She searches high and low. And I tweet Zappos_Service to see if they know anything about the shoes.

All three leads seem to run dry.

Then out of nowhere I get two emails! One informing me that the cookware we had on our registry has been discontinued (frown!) and one informing me that Zappos_Service, this wonderful human being, has found the shoes on (cheer!).

Like a warrior back from the hunt, dragging woolly mammoth flesh behind me, I called Robin and said, "Zappos found your shoes." They were on sale, too - 63% off.

She's off the wall right now, to say the least.

And I can say I helped her plan the wedding. And this was all done over Twitter, 140-characters at a time. It's a good day, my friends. A good day.

PS: Shop Zappos!

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